So although my Dad was quite adamant in the fact that these aren’t really “that healthy”, they are gluten, dairy and processed sugar free. (And vegan if you’re into that). I posted a photo on Instagram and a few people asked me for the recipe so I thought I would pop it on here. I did use Hippie Lane’s caramel and chocolate recipe (she is amazing - go and check out her app), but made up my own base. Here is the recipe I used and I hope you love it as much as I did! 


1 ½  cups of almonds
½ cup desiccated coconut
7 medjool dates
1 tbsp coconut sugar
1 ½ tbsp honey
¼ organic plain activated buckinis

1 cup medjool dates
¼ cup coconut oil
½ cup almond butter
1 tbsp vanilla essence
Pinch Himalayan salt/sea salt

1/3 cup cacao powder
½ cup coconut oil
¼ cup natural maple syrup

  1. Cut open the dates and take out the pips, then cut them into quarters
  2. Put your almonds, buckinis and coconut into the food processor and blend until crumbly 
  3. Add in the coconut oil and honey and blend until the mixture sticks together on the sides of the food processor 
  4. Press the base mixture into the tin (I like to put baking paper down first) until even and firm
  5. Put the base into the freezer to set and harden
  6.  Add all caramel ingredients into the food processor and blend until thick and smooth
  7. Spread caramel mixture evenly over the base in place back in the freezer to set
  8. Whilst the caramel is setting, blend the cacao powder, coconut oil and maple syrup in the food processor (the texture should be very similar to that of normal melted chocolate)
  9. Pour chocolate mixture all over the caramel and ensure it is smoothed out completely before popping back in the freezer 
  10. Once the slice has set, cut into squares and ENJOY! (Then Instagram a photo, of course)



I thought I would do a bit of a different post and just do some of my favourite long haul travel essentials for your carry on. Obviously this doesn't include things like toothpaste or deodorant because that should be a given... but these are 8 things I always have in my carry on so that I can feel as fresh as possible when stepping off the plane. They are all under the 100ml limit and can easily fit in a smaller makeup bag within your carry on but are also great no matter what climate you are travelling to and from. Let me know if any of you like this type of post and want me to do some more ! x

8 carry on essentials for long haul flights

Eve Lom Kiss Mix Lip Treatment, $30.00 Mecca Cosmetica

Origins Dr Weil Mega Bright Eye Cream, $55.00 Mecca Cosmetica

(My favourite thing to use on planes, it is a small bottle with a dropper but completely gets rid of dry skin on flights! Sometimes I just mix a bit in with moisturiser if my skin isn't too dry).
Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Facial Oil, $24.95 David Jones

Tangle Teezer Compact in Feline, $34.95 Hairhouse Warehouse

Nivea Refreshing Cleansing Wipes (25), $7.50 Priceline

Crabtree & Evelyn Caribbean Island Hand Therapy (25g), $12.00 Crabtree & Evelyn

(This is the best thing when you are feeling dry or too hot on the plane, 1 spray makes you so refreshed and it smells really good).
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water, $9.95 Lush Cosmetics 

(This basically allows you to put your own favourite perfume into this little tube so that you don't have to carry a glass bottle on a trip, but also is under the 100ml limit and is easy to put in a carry on or handbag). 
Travalo Excel in Silver, $20.00 Travalo 

** All prices are in AUD but majority of these things can be found online through international sites. 



During our week sailing along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia we stopped in so many bays on so many little islands it was hard to keep track (separate blog post on the week is coming). One of the bigger ones we stayed at is called Dugi Otok, with a dramatically different landscape compared to most other islands in the area. 

While most were hilly and rocky, Dugi Otok is particularly known for its white sand and complete lack of hills (thank god after all those damn hikes). We stayed in Sakarun, a little bay on the island which can easily be reached by ferry from the city of Zadar. Although there wasn’t too much on that side of the island, we went for a little explore and found an old man renting beach chairs out of his caravan and a cool restaurant bar just off the shore. Amarcord opened up in Sakarun 5 years ago, boasting that cool tropical vibe you would immediately expect from a little island. The white and blue wooden building sits perfectly amongst the trees while also showing off some of the best views of the clear blue water. At night, the handmade straw lights create even more of an atmosphere with the eclectic mix of music echoing throughout the shore of the island. If you ever find yourself on the Dalmatian coast, Sakarun and in particular Armarcord is definitely worth a visit, even if it is just for the amazing mojitos!



So as I have been in Budapest the last couple of days I thought I would do a little post on some of the food places I found or some suggestions if you’re lucky enough to be heading over there soon! This post is quite long so I will do a separate post soon on things to see or do during the day and the best parts of the city to see. 

As I was only there for a short time I wanted to try some authentic Hungarian food (it can be quite similar to Czech food too) and was recommended a couple of places from a friend of my dad’s. Regos Vendeglo Es Falatozo was by far my favourite, located in the 6th District of Budapest (on the Pest side). The restaurant is below street level and is one of those places that is easiest to just give the taxi driver the address. The décor is typically European with amazing authentic food to match (the prices were also extremely cheap; a meal for 4 including a bottle of wine cost $45). If you do visit Regos Vendeglo you have to try the Pancakes "Hortobágy" Style, they were amazing and the best I could find in the city (trust me I had it at every meal in different places). 

The other typical Hungarian restaurant was AranyHordo, located in a beautiful spot in the castle district of Buda. The décor inside particularly in the underground part was also quite European, but the service was not very good (and I may or may not have had an argument with a waitor in broken English). The Castle area itself is scattered with restaurants so it is worth having a look around at a few places.

While we were there, the Czech Beer Festival was on in the city, with stalls held around a park filled with different types of alcohol and plenty of sausages. My favourite stall was Kolbice, which was basically bread cones filled with mini sausages and toppings like cheese and onions (so good). Kolbice does have stands throughout the city too, so I would 100% recommend scouting one of those out!

For something a bit fancier or if you feel like a nice dessert head to the New York Café. Yes I know it sounds strange going to a New York café in Budapest but if you try the Crunchy Hazelnut Cake or the Passionfruit Ganage you will understand why I’m suggesting it. The inside of the cafe is overly dramatic with chandeliers everywhere and old paintings on the roof (like who is going to look at that when there’s cake in front of them…?). They do serve lunch and dinner there also but if you are a student or on a budget it can be quite pricey.

Lastly, if you are in Budapest for a bit longer and get over the Hungarian food a great place to go is the Hummus Bar. They have cute outdoor seating on the street and serve large plates of salad with falafels or meat which can be a great break if you have been stocking up on all that heavy Eastern European food. Apart from the Hummus Bar the whole street (Október 6. U) is lined with great food places like a Pad Thai wok bar, a soup place and a cool wine bar called Innio.

Regos Vendeglo Es Falatozo
Budapest, Szófia u. 33, 1068 Hungary

Aranyhordó Étterem
Budapest, Tárnok u. 16, 1014 Hungary

New York Café
Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9-11, 1073 Hungary

Budapest, 1054, Hold u. 13, 1054 Hungary

Hummus Bar Budapest
Budapest, Október 6. u. 19, 1051 Hungary

Innio Wine Bar
Budapest, Október 6. u. 9, 1051 Hungary