During our week sailing along the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia we stopped in so many bays on so many little islands it was hard to keep track (separate blog post on the week is coming). One of the bigger ones we stayed at is called Dugi Otok, with a dramatically different landscape compared to most other islands in the area. 

While most were hilly and rocky, Dugi Otok is particularly known for its white sand and complete lack of hills (thank god after all those damn hikes). We stayed in Sakarun, a little bay on the island which can easily be reached by ferry from the city of Zadar. Although there wasn’t too much on that side of the island, we went for a little explore and found an old man renting beach chairs out of his caravan and a cool restaurant bar just off the shore. Amarcord opened up in Sakarun 5 years ago, boasting that cool tropical vibe you would immediately expect from a little island. The white and blue wooden building sits perfectly amongst the trees while also showing off some of the best views of the clear blue water. At night, the handmade straw lights create even more of an atmosphere with the eclectic mix of music echoing throughout the shore of the island. If you ever find yourself on the Dalmatian coast, Sakarun and in particular Armarcord is definitely worth a visit, even if it is just for the amazing mojitos!

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