If I'm being entirely honest, my interest in Cabo was really only brought on by watching The Hills when I was younger. It is the typical long weekend getaway for LA locals, as it’s only a short plane ride away. It is one of those places that is beautiful and relaxing by the beach in your hotel, and as long as you generally do not venture too far from there, it tends to stay beautiful and relaxing. 

When you Google Cabo San Lucas (like I did numerous times before visiting), you are quite literally swamped with the classic blue water and ‘pretty’ rocks photos, conveniently leaving out the seedy town itself. If you do decide to stay on the coastline or around your resort, a great thing to do is to kayak to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas; it really is picturesque. Definitely invest in a waterproof case for your phone for this one!

If however you are feeling a little brave and adventurous, skip the town of Cabo all together (don’t waste your time) and hop on a bus to San José del Cabo for a little day trip. This town is full of cobblestone streets with old buildings and cool restaurants. For what seems like ‘real Mexican food’ head to Mi Casa; i.e. the brightest blue building you can find in the area and try The El Choriburro. (It was the best burrito I have ever had in my life - sorry Chipotle). If you have the time I would also recommend checking out Galeria Corsica, as San José is a historical art district and this gallery has some of the most amazing works.

**The bus cost around $20 round trip from our hotel, but everywhere will be different depending on where you stay.

Alvaro Obregon 19
Art District
San José del Cabo

Alvaro Obregon 15
Colonia Centro 23400
San José del Cabo 

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